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Where Your Metrowest Home Gets Marketed Online

Marketing Massachusetts homes or condo's

Below you are going to see in detail the sites that I use to market all my client's homes in Metrowest Massachusetts. This investment in on-line marketing has allowed me to provide my clients with results. In fact, while the rest of the Real Estate community was complaining about how bad the market was, I had another fantastic year covering local Real Estate.

One of the things I specialize in is creating a dominant online presence for my clients. When someone lists their home with me, I leave no stone unturned. If you are selling a home or condo in Metrowest Massachusetts, it will be found online when your hire me!

While most real estate agents hopefully have a website to market homes I have four of my own. Besides all of the real estate portals below, you will also see your home being marketed at Massachusetts real estate exposure which is my sister site. One of my favorite features of the site is the maximum exposure it affords all of my clients properties. One of the first things you will see when you visit the site is a large picture of all the featured homes that I am marketing. When clicking into each listing, you will get a quite a bit more information. The best feature of the site, however, is how quickly it is found online for competitive local real estate terms. You can have the best looking real estate website around, but if nobody can see it, then it will be pointless.

No other Realtor offers the level of Real Estate marketing that I provide all my clients!


Realtor.com Realtor.com is the most heavily traveled website for Real Estate in the world. Realtor.com has ventures with almost every MLS feed in the country. Almost all homes that are in MLS are in Realtor.com. There are big differences between the marketing packages that Realtors use within the site. All the homes that I market in Metrowest MA are "enhanced" with multiple photos and descriptions within Realtor.com This makes a big difference with the consumer and draws far more calls. All the homes that I marketing have a virtual tour from the Real Estate shows as seen below. These videos are also syndicated to Youtube!


RE/MAX RE/MAX.com is the #1 Real Estate company site for traffic in the world. RE/MAX's website allows consumers to get nearly all the real estate listings on the market. The other significant franchises such as Coldwell Banker, C-21, and ERA only have their own companies listings displayed. The consumer shopping for a home can visit RE/MAX.com rather than searching multiple sites. This is a compelling site for marketing homes in Metrowest Massachusetts. Remember nobody sells more Real Estate in the world than RE/MAX! 


Realbird Real Bird is one of the best marketing platforms I have found. The site does an incredible job presenting a home online. A house I am marketing through RealBird will have a slideshow presentation, video tour, large pictures, descriptions, an interactive Google map, links to school information, and link backs to my website and blog for more viral marketing. Here is a sample RealBird presentation. This site is indexed well in Google and will come up in many local searches.


 Zillow Zillow.com is one of the fastest growing real estate mediums and ranks in the top five for Real Estate search traffic. Zillow initially started as a quick home evaluation site where a homeowner could punch in their address and quickly get an on-line market price. The accuracy of the site has been marginal at best. Zillow, however, has turned into an excellent platform for Realtors to market their homes. You can upload numerous pictures as well as update statistics on the homes you are marketing. All the homes I am marketing in Metrowest MA get "enhanced" in Zillow.com with multiple photos and descriptions.


TruliaTrulia is a residential Real Estate Search engine that helps consumers search homes for sale, trends, neighborhood insights, and other Real Estate information directly from the real estate agent and broker websites. This is an excellent vehicle for marketing my homes in Metrowest Massachusetts. Trulia has also recently introduced a blog section as well. I use the Trulia blog platform to get my client's additional exposure for those consumers that regularly frequent the site.


Boston.com The Boston.com Real Estate section is one of the most traveled sites for Real Estate in the Metrowest Boston area. It is owned by the Boston Globe. All the properties that I am marketing get inserted into the Boston.com Real Estate section with multiple photos and descriptions. 



Active RainActive Rain is an on-line community for real estate professionals designed to help them promote and grow their business. Active Rain is a blogging platform that has an incredible market presence. Google loves the site. As we say in the Real Estate business the site has major "google juice." I am a member of this site and actively pen new blogs weekly surrounding Real Estate in Metrowest MA. You can see my Metrowest blog here. If you punch into Google "Metrowest Real Estate" as a search term,   you will see my sites come up all over the page. When I get a new home to market one of the 1st things that I do is create a blog post about the property with pictures, descriptions, and links. This will put your home on the 1st page of the search engines.



Localism  The localism site is part of the Active Rain site and also has major "Google juice." From the Active Rain site, you can add your blogs to Localism.com which covers your particular area. I am posting all my work to the specific town that I am blogging about to come up higher in the search engines.


Real Estate Shows The Real Estate shows is an incredible video platform to show off your home on-line. This is a Virtual Tour that I send to MLS and Realtor.com. It can also be embedded into my Blog at Active Rain as well as Youtube. This type of virtual tour is fantastic because it is used with still photos, so it does not take a long time to download. One of the real excellent benefits of the Real Estate shows is that you can syndicate                                        your videos directly to Youtube for even more online exposure.

You tube


I send all the video Real Estate tours that I create for the homes I am marketing to You Tube. You Tube to grow by leaps and bounds and is viewed by millions of people across the world. It is the number two most visited website behind Google. It is a crucial to have a real estate presence.



 Facebook for Real EstateFacebook has turned into one of the most popular online social networks in the world. All of my Real Estate posts about the homes I am marketing get sent to Facebook. These posts are viewed by people who are in my network including other Realtors. I have also set up a Facebook business fan page which exclusively talks about Real Estate. You can see my RE/MAX Executive Realty page by clicking the link.



Twitter for Real EstateTwitter is a microblogging site that lets everyone know what you are doing. All of my Real Estate blog posts are sent to Twitter, creating additional exposure when I am writing about one of my clients homes.



MLS Property Finder

My MLS property finder site allows me to sign up customers who may be looking at any number of towns in Massachusetts. Once a client is signed up, they receive daily updates via email of any new properties that have come on the market that match their search criteria. This is great for my clients because they get MLS access that used to be only reserved for Realtors. You can sign up for my MLS Property Finder site by clicking here.

This real estate site that I have created currently ranks on the 1st page for Google under the search term "Metrowest MA Real Estate". The site is filled with tips and advice, School information, Real Estate RSS feeds, MLS access, and quite a few other great Real Estate tools.


 The following sites are submitted through my Point2agent website. The point2agent webpage gets your listings Point 2 Websiteout there through all these syndication partners they have teamed up with. All of the homes that I am marketing in Metrowest MA get submitted to these influential sites.


 The towns in and around Metrowest that I cover include:  Ashland, Bellingham, Blackstone, Douglas, Framingham, Franklin, Grafton, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hopedale, Medway, Mendon, Milford, Millbury, Millville, Northboro, Northbridge, Shrewsbury, Southboro, Sutton, Wayland, Westboro, Whitinsville, Worcester, Upton and Uxbridge.



 Cyberhomes is part of AOL Real Estate. Cyberhomes displays listings as well as delivering information consumers desire such as neighborhood and school information. They also have a nice mapping feature.



CLR Real Estate Search

CLR Search is a Real Estate search engine that provides a data rich environment to explore listings, community demographics, and other relevant data.




Hotpads.com is a map-based Real Estate search engine, listing homes for sale, apartments, condos, and rental houses.



Yahoo for Real EstateYahoo! Inc is one of the most trafficked Internet destinations worldwide. With my Point2 website, listings for my Homes in Metrowest Massachusetts are fed directly to Yahoo.


OodleOodle is the leading search engine for local classifieds with over 17 million active home listings. Oodle powers the classified search on the following sites: Lycos, Express.com, The Sun.com, Yell.com, and Local.com. Home listings will also appear on Oodle API partner sites Backpage.com, The Examiner, and Citi Cribs. My homes appear here as well.


LivedealLive Deal is a free, local on-line classifieds market with reach into every city and zip code across the U.S It is one of the country's top 10 most visited on-line classified sites. All my homes in Metrowest get distributed to Live Deal.


Citicribs CitiCribs is a New York based marketplace for Real Estate attracting visitors looking to buy, sell, and rent homes. CitiCribs has grown into a national marketplace of daily visitors.



Vast Vast is a database of classified ads that uses advanced technology to parse, and tag adds for better search.



EdgioThe Edgio platform aggregates organizes and distributes listings of all types. It is free to post to Edgio and listings always link back to the listing publishers.



Prop Smart Propsmart is a Real Estate search engine, aggregating over a million property listings. My homes in Metrowest Massachusetts are sent to Propsmart.



PropbotPropbot is a free property and homes listing service that is committed to publishing complete content to generate better results.



The Housing Pages

The housingpages.com is designed as a central resource center for consumers looking to buy or sell a home. All my homes are sent to The Housing Pages.


Video Homes

Videohomes.com LLC developed the Video Homes Network as a Geo Vertical search portal that brings consumers to geographic-specific real estate destinations in a media-rich local atmosphere.

With this kind of marketing, my clients receive exposure as no other Realtor provides. In a time when many Real Estate agents are cutting back their expenses, I am spending more to make sure my client's properties are everywhere!

I cover Real Estate, home, and condo sales in the Following towns in and around Metrowest: Hopkinton MA Real Estate, Westboro MA Real Estate, Southboro MA Real Estate, Milford MA Real Estate, Holliston MA Real Estate,Ashland MA Real Estate, Medway MA Real Estate, Grafton MA Real Estate, Upton MA Real Estate, Mendon MA Real Estate, Hopedale MA Real Estate, Northbridge MA Real Estate, Uxbridge MA Real Estate, Bellingham MA Real Estate, Franklin MA Real Estate, Framingham MA Real Estate, Shrewsbury MA Real Estate, and Northboro MA Real Estate.

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